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Welcome to Pueblo Valley Firearms ...
Home of the MOA Maximum and MOA 10/22 Receiver!
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Rich Mertz and John Tingue have announced that John is the new manufacturer of the MOA Maximum Handgun and the unique MOA 10/22 threaded,
stainless replacement receiver. "We are currently setting up for production in Oregon, and for the first year or so, Rich Mertz will continue to assist us
to make the transition smoother. Rich will be doing the barrels and chambering initially on the Maximums, so that I may concentrate on all the other
aspects of production. Rich will be holding the Long Range Match in Sundance in 2015 as well! Hope to see you all there!

Mark Hampton completes his Handgun Sheep Grand Slam with a Maximum!
Read about this once in a lifetime Wyoming Hunt in Guns Magazine Digital Edition!
( Our Thanks to Roy Huntington, Editor of GUNS MAGAZINE, and to FMG Publications who have granted us permission to host this on our site(s).
Also featured: Mike Zuba with Wyoming trophies taken with his MOA in 7mm Sundance;
Ernie Bishop, son Erik Bishop, and friends with their successful WY Pronghorn Hunts;
GA Sixgunner, and Long range groundhogs with his .308 MOA
Mark Hampton proudly displays other trophies, from the "Show Me State", as well
as Wyoming, Oregon and Northern California!

MOA's Annual "Cold Turkey" Long Range Handgun Match has added NEW events!

Above: Rifles built on MOA's Stainless, CNC Precision 10/22 Receiver-(right)

About us....

           Located in Fields OR, Pueblo Valley Firearms LLC is a small precision manufacturer of guns. In addition to a high quality CNC machined, stainless steel 10/22 replacement receiver, we are continuing to produce the unique MOA Maximum that was introduced in 1982. Upon its’ introduction, it was immediately acclaimed by many silhouette competitors for its’ accuracy edge in production class. Today, while the Maximum still enjoys great popularity in the IHMSA, many more are utilized in the game fields every year. We will also be offering, in the future, custom rifle and pistols.

            Currently, the Maximum is manufactured and sold as a semi-custom, "build-to-order" gun, with our customer's choice of barrel length and contour, chambering, and "iron sights" or scope mounts. We have numerous chambering reamers on hand, in both factory (no-turn) and many tight neck (requires neck turning) configurations, as well as many "wildcats"... your choices are many. Often, our guns are ordered with multiple barrels, with customers appreciating the ease with which they can switch their Maximum from a target rig to an Elk gun!

            In recent years, as interest in Tactical and Long Range Shooting has grown tremendously within the shooting sports, MOA has steadily received more orders for guns (and barrels) which are "purpose built" for Long Range shooting. Longer, and heavier barrels, with very fast rates of twist to stabilize the long, low drag bullets; 20moa scope bases, muzzle brakes, and cartridges with superior downrange ballistic performance have become a popular "build"  for the Maximum. In 2007 the first MOA Shoot was held; then, and in every subsequent year, we've demonstrated that the Maximum can compete at 1,000 yards. It has really "opened a lot of eyes" as to what a handgun is capable of at extended yardages.

We eagerly anticipate the 2015 Match!

We invite other Specialty Handgunners to join us in June, 2015 in Sundance!

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Pueblo Valley Firearms, LLC
Physical Address: 16569 Fields Denio Road, Fields, Oregon 97710
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22, Denio, Nevada 89404
Hours of Operation (Pacific Standard Time)
8:00am - 5:00pm  Monday - Friday

John Tingue
Phone Number (541) 493-9103


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